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Changing seasons and eyesight

So are you in your early to mid 40s you may have noticed that recently you have been a bit slower to focus on objects close up? Most of the time it is fine but something is different? When you are tired and look up even the distance vision looks blurry?

As opticians we tend to see a lot more pateints complaining that near vision is not so good. It always happens during the changing seasons - summer to autumn.

Well, these may the first signs of presbyopia. Unlike myopia and hyperopia, presbyopia is part of the ageing process. Presbyopia occurs due to changes in the eye's structure over time.The primary factor is the gradual stiffening of the eye's natural lens, which reduces its flexibility.This decreased flexibility makes it harder for the eye to adjust its focus from distant to close up objects and vice versa.

The main characteristics of presbyopia include:

1.Difficulty with close up tasks:individuals with presbyopia find it challenging to read books,newspapers, smartphones, or perform tasks that require seeing objects up close.

2, Blurry Near Vision.Close up objects appear blurry, and it becomes increasingly difficult to bring small print or objects into sharp focus.

3.Eye Strain: Efforts to focus on near objects may lead to eye strain, headaches or fatigue, especially during prolonged reading or computer use.

To correct presbyopia, various options are available 

Reading Glasses:These are just for close up tasks with a prescription tailored to the individuals near vision needs.

Bifocal or Multifocal Lenses:These have multple prescriptions within one lens.The upper portion corrects distance vision ,whiel the lower part addresses near vision 

Progressive Lenses: Theses lenses offer a gradual transition from distance to near vision correction without visible lines providing a more natural look.

Contact Lenses: Multifocal contact lenses provide similar vision correction to multifocals.

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