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Opticians & Prescriptions FAQ

Are you registered with the General Optical Council?
The owners of the firm are Optometrists & are registered with the General Optical Council (G.O.C)
How do I get my optical prescription?
Your prescription belongs to you & you should receive at the completion of your sight test. That is the law!
How long does my prescription last for?

In most cases a prescription will be valid for two years after your test, (unless advised otherwise by your optician) or one year if you're over 70.

Do I have to buy my new glasses where I had them tested? Your are entitled to take your prescription to any other opticians to have it made up or use it to order your new lenses online.

Can I use my old frames to get just new lenses?
As long as the frames are in good condition, yes.
Will Specsavers let me use my own frame to reglaze?
They can do it but will discourage you to do this saying that you would be better off with a new frame & lenses. If you have not bought a Specsavers frame then they cannot reglaze this as should it break they cannot replace it.
Will any multiples allow me to reglaze my frames?
All the other chains such as Vision Express, Boots, 2020 opticians, David Clulows, Rayners, Scrivens, Hakim Group & all independant opticians will allow you to replace your lenses in your old frames as long as the frames are in good condition & at a cost.
Q. What if my glasses break while you are glazing them?
We are experts in our field and breakage is rare. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the value of your glasses in the case of damage. If we think your frame is at high risk when you send it we will inform you immediately.
Q. Can I place my order before sending you my glasses?
Yes, Go to “choose your lens options” & select the type of lenses & coatings  you require. We are just a call or click away if you have any questions.
Q. Are there any age restrictions on who you can supply?
 Yes, we are not allowed to sell to anyone under the age of 16 years old.
Consider reglazing your frames at Be it reglazing your glasses with clear lenses, sunglasses, varifocals, transitions, or polarised lenses, trust that Glasses Outlet will always deliver.