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Why do I require varifocals

Why do I require Varifocals?

Whether you have a short sighted (myopia) or hyperopia (long sighted) prescription you will require a reading correction at some point.

For short sighted (myopic) persons you may just take your glasses off to allow you to read but this may be impractical. If you wish hands free vision Varifocals offers both myopic & hyperopic the opportunity to correct both distance, intermediate & near vision problems with one pair of glasses.This is referred to as the onset of presbyopia.

What is presbyopia & why does it occur?

This is one of the first signs of ageing. 🙄 Joy! 

The crystalline lens of the eye is like a zoom lens in a camera, able to focus  close up & re- focus on the distance, repeating continuously. This lens grows denser throughout life reducing its flexibility & manifests as an inability to focus as quickly initially, to not being able to focus as close, ultimately requiring a presbyopic correction i.e. reading glasses. This is presbyopia and 1st signs appear around 45 years of age. 

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