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Boots reglaze

boots optician frames reglaze at glasses outlet

Boots opticians will reglaze your glasses at a cost- pretty much triple what would charge.Boots will charge £69 Vs Glasses Outlet £19

Please be aware that legally your prescription belongs to you. You are not obliged to get your glasses from you sight test provider. You can take it anywhere reglazing your glasses or sunglasses

Consider reglazing your frames at Be it reglazing your glasses with clear lenses, sunglasses, varifocals, transitions, or polarised lenses, trust that Glasses Outlet will always deliver. Single Vision lenses from £19

10% discount for those sending their Boots prescription when ordering

Input Discount Code:Boots10

single vision lenses (up to +/-6.00SPH +/-2.00CYL)

 basic uncoated lenses                     £19

 hard coated (tougher to scratch)    £29
anti reflected lenses                          £39
blue light lenses                                 £49


single vision thinner lenses

 1.6  lenses                                           £69
1.67 lenses                                           £89
1.74 lenses                                           £119


single vision photochromatic ( light responsive)   

hard coated photochromatic                                £99
anti reflection coated photochromatic                £129


single vision polarised  

hard coated polarised                                  £99
anti reflection coated polarised                  £129


varifocal lenses from:

varifocals hard coated (tougher to scratch)                 £95
varifocals anti reflection coating                                   £115
varifocal photochromatic lenses                                   £165    
varifocal polarised lenses                                              £165  


Glasses Outlet is an environmentally sustainable business doing its part to solve a big need in the world; doing something about the hundreds of millions of sunglasses that end up in landfill every year. It’s a fact that around one billion pairs of sunglasses are purchased each year. Of these, we know about 50% just need new lenses. When you do the maths, that's a significant volume of completely unnecessary waste.

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