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How to use cart

How to use cart guide

Select the frame type you wish to reglaze with new lenses. Then choose  what type of lenses you wish.


Frame types

Fully Rimmed 

Semi Rimmed


we recommend thinner lenses for tensile strength in all rimless glasses


Once you have chosen your frame type"select lenses and purchase"

If you want just distance or reading prescription lenses choose the top option

If you want distance or reading sunglasses choose the 2nd option

If you want varifocal / progressive lenses clear or tinted choose the 3rd option.

If you want non prescription lenses clear or tinted choose the 4th option


 "Upload prescription" or "Skip, will email later"

Now choose what lens coatings you wish. If you do not want any press the £0.00 options & then "add to cart"



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