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Why Reglaze

Why Should I reglaze my glasses?

Lens Damage
If your lenses are scratched it can be distracting & irritating trying to see through it. Depending on the level of damage others can see it too. Unfortunately you cannot polish the lens - that would change the power. Scratched or damaged lenses are easily replaced by reglazing and Glasses Outlet have a huge combination of types, coatings and features for you to choose from. Ask Us!

Scatched sunglasses

Nothing worse than your favourite sunglasses having scratches on them obscuring your vision. We can reglaze your sunglasses with new sun lenses. you choose the colour you what & we will custom manufacture them for you.

Updated prescription
You should be having your eyesight tested every two years in the UK, and so with regular check-ups you can keep up to date with your prescriptions. Keep enjoying HD vision.

You may or may not have any change, are happy with your existing frame & just wish new lenses. can do that for you!

New lens coating
You may have decided to forego the anti-reflection coating last time, and now want it, or perhaps the light reactive lenses for holiday sunshine would have been beneficial after all. Again, reglazing means you can add these features to your glasses without a new frame, saving on cost and recycling – more eco friendly so good for the environment.

Get more from your glasses

Heard it a thousand times! “I am fed up switching between my distance & reading glasses.” You could switch to varifocals- far more practical than switching between distance & near glasses

Other than bifocals, Varifocals are the best option for prescriptions where distance & near are required.

Ordering these online works well if the measurements are taken accurately!

If you already have varifocals in your frames & were happy with them, then we can take the measurements from the existing varifocals. If you have not previously had them then we require 2 measurements, the pupillary distance (P.D) & the vertical centre of eye point. Links below for both.

Pupilary Distance (P.D)

Measuring varifocals heights

Reglaze direct from

Frame Risks

All reglazes are done at the customers own risk. Ensure your frames are sent to us via an insured method, we cannot be held responsible for frames lost in the post.

Should the frame break during the reglaze process then we cannot replace or supply a new frame.

While we make every effort to ensure all reglaze orders are completed, there are occasions where we're unable to complete the reglaze due to damage, brittle frames or a frame design that is not suitable for new lenses to be fitted successfully. In these cases we will contact you to advise you and return your frame and offer a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund postage fees.

Frame condition

Please send a frame which is in good condition for all the reasons stated above

Semi rimmed & rimless frames

At least one lens must be fully undamaged in order to fulfill this order.

Lindberg frames can be reglazed at your own risk.

 We cannot reglaze:

Off the peg sunglasses & ready readers cannot be reglazed. If in doubt please get in contact.