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Chanel sunglass lens replacement


Chanel sunglass Lens replacement at glasses outlet

 The French fashion house Chanel began manufacturing sunglasses in 1910 when top designer Gabrielle Chanel launched a range of ready-to-wear clothes for women. She opened Paris and the House of Chanel brand quickly gained a reputation for style and sophistication. Her clothes and fashion accessories were snapped up by celebrities and soon became synonymous with quality, luxury and elegance.

Today Chanel is a renowned luxury eyewear brand with its distinctive Chanel logo of inverted and intertwined letter Cs. Bold frames and large lenses are the hallmark of Chanel sunglasses. Chanel has more than 200 stores and boutiques in cities as diverse as London, Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York and is famous for its perfumes, handbags, and sunglasses.

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single vision lenses (up to +/-6.00SPH +/-2.00CYL)

 basic uncoated lenses                     £19

 hard coated (tougher to scratch)    £29
anti reflected lenses                          £39
blue light lenses                                 £49


single vision thinner lenses

 1.6  lenses                                           £69
1.67 lenses                                           £89
1.74 lenses                                           £119


single vision photochromatic ( light responsive)   

hard coated photochromatic                                £89
anti reflection coated photochromatic                £119


single vision polarised  

hard coated polarised                                  £89
anti reflection coated polarised                  £119


varifocal lenses from:

varifocals hard coated (tougher to scratch)                 £95
varifocals anti reflection coating                                   £115
varifocal photochromatic lenses                                   £165    
varifocal polarised lenses                                              £165