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Sunglass Lens Replacement

Sunglasses Lens Replacement

Nothing more irritating than scratches interfering with your vision when looking through your sunglasses. At Glasses Outlet we can restore your favourite sunglasses back to new by reglazing them with new lenses to any colour you wish with additional choices such as gradient tints for that cool, moody look. Light reactive or photochromic lenses - fabulous for those holidays, changing intensity of tint as you go in & out of the sunshine. Polarised lenses - great for strong sunshine & water sports.

We provide sunglass lens replacement for all brands- Ray Ban, Oakley, Chanel, Bolle, Mulberry, Persol, Police, Cutler & Gross, Balenciaga ,Osiris, Chloe , Tiffany to name but a few…

here are some examples of reglazed sunglasses we have done recently-

Ray Ban lens replacement#rayban#oakley

Ray Ban lens replacement. Solid grey tinted lenses into Ray Ban frames

blue mirror tinted Hoya varifocals into round eyes at glasses outlet edinburgh. EH4 6QT best in class ophthalmic lenses reglazed into existing round metal frames ,harry potter style. recycle , sustainable eco friendly

blue flash mirror coated Hoya varifocals into Cutler & Gross Frame

Solid grey tint into prada sunglasses

non prescription solid grey tint into Prada sunglasses

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Glasses Outlet is an environmentally sustainable business doing its part to solve a big need in the world; doing something about the hundreds of millions of sunglasses that end up in landfill every year. It’s a fact that around one billion pairs of sunglasses are purchased each year. Of these, we know about 50% just need new lenses. When you do the maths, that's a significant volume of completely unnecessary waste.

Consider reglazing your frames at Be it reglazing your glasses with clear lenses, sunglasses, varifocals, transitions, or polarised lenses, trust that Glasses Outlet will always deliver.