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P.D = Pupillary Distance

P.D. pupillary distance -  means distance between your eyes

Pupillary distance is an essential measurement. It is the distance from the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil measured in mm. Can also be measured by measuring from the outer edge of iris to the nasal edge of the iris in the other eye.

We would suggest getting someone else to measure this in mm using a ruler.


Each spectacle lens will have an ‘optical centre’, this point should be placed directly in front of the centre of each of your pupils. That way, your eyes are looking through the best point on each lens.

The P.D is not routinely written on a prescription, you can ask for this from your Opticians, or ask them to add it to your prescription when you are tested.

If you experience difficulty in obtaining this measurement we can take it  from an existing pair of your glasses.